Business owners must work with limited advertising budgets. Therefore, it is important to ensure the effective use of funds. Quality video production Lexington KY can provide ads that are inexpensive to make and easy to use in emails, on web pages, and on social media. Video ad views are in the billions, but it is difficult for small business owners to capitalize on these high figures. Below are a few tips on effective video Advertising in Lexington KY.

Form a Plan

To decide what type of message the video should convey, the business owner should consider the answers to these questions and use those answers to form a video marketing plan.

Will the video introduce or promote a new product or service?
Are there special offers to be emphasized?
How does the product improve the customer’s life?
How can the video emphasize the company’s reputation and experience?
Can customer quotes and testimonials be used to convey how buyers feel about the company’s products and services?

Personalize Video Ads

Video advertisements can be made more personal by including pictures of the owner, the company’s employees, and its customers. If possible, the video should show customers using the service or product. To eliminate future liability, have actors sign a waiver granting the company permission to use their likeness and name in the video. When customers feel as if the ad is speaking to them, they’re more likely to follow through and make a purchase from the company’s website or brick-and-mortar store.

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Create a Script

In most cases, improvisation is not a successful strategy for Video Production in Lexington KY. The owner knows the business best, and they should be the one to tell the world about the company. However, if the owner hasn’t the time or skill to create a script, can help them find a script writer.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

To increase sales, the customer needs to be given a reason to click through from the video advertisement. The call to action could include the company’s contact information, a special offer or a promo code. Companies should consider creating a unique landing page that fits the message in the video and makes it easy to explore the rest of the website. By following the tips above and by including a strong call to action, a business owner can maximize his or her video marketing efforts and they can potentially make more sales.

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